An Open Letter to FedEx Ground/Home Delivery Drivers

From The Legal Team

The MDL portion of the litigation is nearly complete.  19 certified state cases remain in the MDL.  As you may know, Kansas went up on Appeal and drivers were found to be employees by the Kansas Supreme Court, a decision that was accepted by the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals.  As Kansas was remanded back to the MDL Court for further processing, Kansas and the other cases, which were still technically on appeal, were the subject of extensive mediation and proposed settlements were reached in each of the Certified Classes.  The Court granted preliminary approval of the settlements, and the final approval/fairness hearings are set for January 2017.

For each state that remains in the MDL, there are separate web pages maintained by the claims admistrator, Rust Consulting.  These pages contain copies of the Settlement Notice and operative legal documents as well as additional important information.  If you still have any questions after reviewing the local state sites, please contact Rust or the attorneys for your state.


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